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Understanding Business Visas and Investment Linked Visas

What are Investment Linked Visas ?

Investment linked visas have steadily gained attention around the world.  These programs are a part of the Global FDI movement, and provide an excellent route to attract inbound investments.   Developed as well as developing countries structure these programs in a way that they gain in terms of new economic activities.  These economic activities have an immediate and extensive positive impact on employment generation too.

For business investors, the increasingly flat world of this century, calls for a global outlook. The need to expand business operations beyond your own borders, has increasingly become a necessity rather than a luxury.   These cross border expansions may reduce sourcing costs or expand customer markets.

The other type of investors, for want of a better term, can be classified under the lifestyle investors.  These are professionals looking for a different way of life, than what their current nation offers.   These challenges could be - weather conditions, economic climate, security considerations, the tax climate, or even political reasons.

Investor and Business Visa Advisors

Why choose the Investor Visa Network ( to be your guide ?

The complexity of investor visas can be gauged by the diversity of destinations that are available and the even wider range of needs of the investor.   Most of the times, the information available from one source is limited to that single product, and comparisons are hard to come by.

The unqiue strength of this site, is in the simple fact that facts are presented in an easy to understand manner.  Further due diligence done by our network, ensures that you are choosing the right program for your needs, not one that has been marketed well and been able to impress you.

Finally the cost of our services to the investors is not significant at all.


How do I proceed further ?

Fill in the short form below and and an Advisor will revert to you with specific answers to your queries.  For more immediate needs, you can click on the Live support option.


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