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TOP INVESTMENT COUNTRIES - Investor and Business Relocation


One of the top destinations for business owners and investors.  Worlds largest economy attracts professionals, and business people looking to expand their horizons and a better quality of life.  The most popular program is the EB5 route, which has a quota of 10,000 visas per annum.

For more information on United States Investor Programs, click here.


Great Location.  Great Weather.  Excellent tax structure.  A favored destinations for those looking at a base close to the United States - Dominica is very well connected.   Investment linked programs is designed to be smooth and hassle free.  The investment requirement is affordable too (in the US$100,000 range).

For more information on the Dominica Investor Program, click here.


An island nation in the West Indies.   Recent changes to the Investor linked residency programs have raised interest in this destination.   As the economy transforms out of large dependence on the sugar industry, excellent investment opportunities in real estate and tourism await the global investor.

For more information on St. Kitts and Nevis Investor Programs, click here.


Sun, Sand and No Taxes.  A favored destination for many years.   A tax haven that attracts business owners for its simplicity of processes and Great Lifestyle.


The land down under geographically.  But a favorite destination in the Far East.  Great outdoors and fun lifestyle.


A massive construction boom, an expanding manufacturing base and a thriving services sector are helping the UAE diversify its economy. A tax free and pro business envirornment are the other things in favor.
Dubai, gave the world a shock with a $100 bn default warning, but has recovered quickly with the largest emirate of UAE – Abu Dhabi coming to the rescue.


A destination that has been dropping in popularity due to unjustifiable backlogs and delays.  A doubling of investment required (from C$800,000 to C$1,600,000) has further reduced the attractiveness of this program.  Favored by those who have family links and a desire for the Canadian lifestyle.

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