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Bulgaria (EU)
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Bulgaria (EU)

Why choose Europe as a destination to be a resident of ?

Key Benefits of getting Residency through Investment  in the European Union member country – Bulgaria ?

  1. NATO and EU membership.
  2. Low tax rates – corporate tax @10% and personal income tax @ a flat rate of 10%.  These are extremely competitive rates compared to global averages.
  3. Opportunity to get 0% corporate tax rate by setting up your business in certain designated areas.
  4. Investment grade credit rating by major rating agencies
  5. Europe’s lowest operational costs.
  6. Excellent climate, natural scenery, food and hospitality

Does this destination interest you for residency and investment ?   Read on to know the requirements.

To obtain residency in Bulgaria, using the investment route, you will need to meet the following criteria -

Permanent Residence Permit may be provided to a foreign investor who has a Certificate for Investment in Bulgaria issued by the Ministry of Finance. To obtain such Certificate, the foreign person must invest at least 1,000,000 BGN (€511,292) in qualified governmental bond portfolio or under trust management agreement with chartered local credit institution for a period of five years.

Investment options for this program -

  1. Full Funding
    The investor deposits the full amount ( 500,000 €). No further payment is required. At the end of the five year period, 500,000 € is returned to the investor with no accrued interest.
  2. Financed Funding
    The investor pays a reduced amount (160,000 €). No further payment is required by the investor. However, the 160,000 € is not returned to the investor at the end of the five year period. The reduced amount is used to finance a 500,000 € closed five-year term loan from a chartered bank. This loan is initiated and repaid at no further cost to the applicant investor.
    This option is particularly attractive for applicants seeking to retain maximum capital for investment in ongoing business operations.



To contact us for a detailed discussion on this Investment Program, click here to complete our contact form.


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