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As globalization keeps gathering pace, the need and desire for having residency options in overseas countries has gained traction at a rapid pace.    Today an estimated 200 million individuals live outside their country of birth.

A significant number of these are economic migrants – moving across borders for better economic opportunities.   Many out of this segment,  are economically successful professionals, whose need to move overseas is to expand their businesses, for better education opportunities for their children, for a better lifestyle, for a better retirement life, or various other socio-economic causes.

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Clients are looking for a professional organization to guide them on the different options available to them.   The current marketplace is only partially meeting this need, as current providers are single destination promoters, and thus are focused on promoting the one destination that they represent.

An independent  solution provider can do an in-depth understanding of the needs of her client and offer a multiple choice solution that truly matches what the client  is looking for, thus enabling a truly fair and informed decision.

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