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About Investor Visa Network


Investor Visa Network – is a network of professional organizations dedicated to providing comprehensive and accurate information on Investor linked immigration programs of different countries.

The significance of an investment linked immigration move for an investor, is compounded by the complexity surrounding such programs.  All countries that offer such programs have specific requirements and expectations.   Accessing such  information is usually a challenging task requiring much effort. is an attempt at presenting this information in an easy to understand and easy to find manner.

A third dimension that Investor Visa Network aims to cover is to rank the quality of these programs from the investors perspective.  Quality parameters will include the transparency of the program to the time duration to process such visas.  Counting on real experiences of applicants and data that is publicly available, such ranking will enable Investors to make informed choices on which program to invest in.

We encourage you to go through the various sections of this website and contact us for any questions or suggestions you have.



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