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Economic Prosperity and Your Citizenship

The citizenship you hold, and where you reside, has an impact on your economic prosperity.   Outlined below are some of the areas that are worth an indepth look.  If an analysis of these arenas shows that you need a change of residency or citizenship, you are in the right place !

Your current Economic environment - The economic freedom enjoyed by you, the taxation levels that you are exposed to, the availability of skills to grow your business ventures.

Your current Legal environment - A legal environment that is conducive to economic prosperity strikes the right balance between protection of legal rights and frivolous litigation.   Too much of either prevents your ability to prosper.

Your Geographic proximity to markets - Do you enjoy geographic proximity to potential markets ? Are you many time zones away from your markets - and does it have an impact on the service levels you provide to your clients ?

Infrastructure that you enjoy  - Basic infrastructure is something that many nations take for granted; while many others look upon as a distant dream (many years or decades away from reality).   Does the lack of infrastructure (roads, electricity, ports) limit your potential ?

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